Nuclear Fuel Core, Nuclear Fuel Cartridge, and Methods of Fueling and/or Defueling a Nuclear Reactor

Primary Inventor: Krishna P. Singh
Contributing Inventor(s): Paul Stefan Anton, Peter Stefanovic
Date of Publication: June, 18, 2015
Status: Published
Jurisdiction: US, International
Equipment Type: SMR-160
Docket Number: HOL-066
Publication Number: US 2015/0170766 A1
Application Number: 14/413,807
Patent Number(s):

International Publication Number: WO 2014/011632 A2

Abstract:  A portable nuclear fuel cartridge comprising a unitary support structure and a plurality of nuclear fuel assemblies that collectively form a nuclear fuel core. The nuclear fuel core is integrated into the unitary support structure to collectively form a self-supporting assemblage than can be lifted as a single unit. In another aspect, the invention is a method of fueling and/or defueling a nuclear reactor utilizing a nuclear fuel cartridge that is loaded and/or unloaded from the nuclear reactor as a single unit. In another aspect, a nuclear reactor core is provided that comprises a nuclear fuel core comprising; a plurality of first nuclear fuel assemblies, each of the plurality of first nuclear fuel assemblies having a first transverse cross-sectional configuration; and a plurality of second nuclear fuel assemblies, each of the plurality of second nuclear fuel assemblies having a second transverse cross-sectional configuration that is different than the first transverse cross-sectional configuration.