Holtec Submits DOE Funding Application for SMR-160

PSEG Power Joins Team to Advance Design

Holtec International is pleased to announce that on July 1, the Company will submit its request for financial support to the Department of Energy pursuant to the Funding Opportunity Announcement #DE-FOA-0000800 dated March 11, 2013.

Our proposal has been prepared with substantial assistance from PSEG Power, which is New Jersey’s largest power generator and the operator of the Salem and Hope Creek nuclear plants in the southern part of the state. Under our strategic alliance with PSEG Power, the development of the Design Certification Application for the SMR-160 technology is being directly supported by PSEG Power.

Holtec and URS Initiate Alliance to Develop SMR-160

We are pleased to announce that URS Nuclear, a unit of URS Corporation’s (URS) Energy & Construction Division, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Holtec International that gives URS an important role in the development of Holtec’s small modular reactor, the SMR-160. URS is among the largest architect-engineers based in the U.S., with over fifty thousand employees and a long and productive history as an EPC contractor in the global power industry. URS has provided engineering and construction services for the installation of nuclear power generation since the 1960s in the U.S. and abroad through its heritage companies Ebasco, United Engineers & Constructors, and Gibbs & Hill, and pioneered the concept of nuclear contract maintenance and modifications, and large-scale modular construction through predecessor companies Catalytic and Stearns-Roger.

South Carolina Declares All-Out Support for Holtec’s Bid for DOE’s R&D Funds for Innovative SMRs

For South Carolina, which is historically among the most nuclear loyal and nuclear savvy states in the union, an active interest in Department of Energy’s announced plans to provide partial funding to eligible SMR developers is quite natural. The state, that has seven operating reactors on its soil and whose Savannah River National Laboratory was at the forefront of America’s nuclear efforts during the Cold War, is now poised to host the rise of the emerging global industry in small modular reactors (SMR). Evidently mindful of the huge pay-off in well-paying jobs and growth of the nuclear technology infrastructure that the selection of the right partner will bring, a mid-state consortium of business groups, academic institutions, and nuclear operators (called “NuHub”) along with statewide counties and chambers of commerce spent nearly two years evaluating the competing SMR technology developers. We are delighted to report that the state government and NuHub along with its allied organizations across the state announced their decision on March 19, 2013, selecting Holtec as their sole SMR supplier. Reinforcing their commitment, NuHub and the coalition of regional institutions along with the State committed to work exclusively with Holtec to help us make our case to the DOE for the R&D funds for our SMR-160. The proposal for the second round federal funding opportunity from the U.S. DOE for small modular reactor (SMR) development is due on July 1, 2013, with the DOE anticipating making award(s) by January 16, 2014.