Holtec, Energoatom and SSTC enter into a Trilateral Consortium Partnership to advance the SMR-160 nuclear reactor for deployment across Ukraine

Mitsubishi Electric commits to stage two of SMR-160 Alliance with Holtec with a large resource commitment 

June 10, 2019 Camden, NJ: Ukraine’s national nuclear operator NAEK Energoatom, the nation’s State Scientific and Technology Center (SSTC), and Holtec International ratified the creation of a consortium partnership that binds the three companies into a cooperative undertaking to chaperone the deployment of the SMR-160 small modular reactors in the country. The Consortium is a US company registered in Delaware with each of the three parties owning allotted shares. The Consortium’s technology operation center will be based in Kiev, Ukraine. This Consortium will give fresh impetus to realize the objectives of the MOU signed by Energoatom and Holtec last year that envisages building of six SMR-160s at the country’s Rivne nuclear station site. President Yuriy Nedashkovskyof Energoatom and Dr. Kris Singh of Holtec signed the Consortium document in person with SSTC President Igor Shevchenko signing remotely. The signing ceremony was attended by senior Holtec officials and delegations from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (MELCO), US Department of Energy and Energoatom. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Nedashkovsky spoke of the dominant role played by nuclear in Ukraine’s energy mix providing over 50% of the nation’selectric generation and expressed the confidence that SMR-160s will provide a clean energy successor to the nation’saging fleet of coal-fired plants. He assured the attendees that there is a national consensus in Ukraine to build SMRs which has been reached after extensive research and consultations.

Energoatom and Holtec Sign Historic Memorandum to Build SMR-160 Plants in Ukraine

Camden, N.J. – February 28, 2018: We are pleased to announce that Holtec International and NAEK Energoatom, Ukraine’s national nuclear operator, have signed a Memorandum-of-Understanding that envisages Ukraine to adopt the SMR-160 technology to meet its projected needs for clean power in the latter half of the next decade. Nuclear power plays a key role in ensuring energy security of Ukraine. Today, Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plants generate more than half of the electricity consumed in the country and have garnered a record of high operational reliability (low frequency of scrams) rivaling the top performing nuclear fleets in the world. In this century, Energoatom has emerged as a unique success story among the global power generation companies as the provider of environmentally clean energy at the lowest price of any other energy source in the country. Thanks to Energoatom’s able corporate leadership and a dedicated cadre’ of nuclear workers, its 17-year track record as a solid performer has made nuclear energy a respected energy source in the eyes of the people of Ukraine. Now, by moving energetically to become the first mover in Holtec’s small modular reactor program, Ukraine expects to become a world leader in the emerging small modular reactor industry.

GE Hitachi and Holtec Announce Cooperation to Accelerate Commercialization of Holtec’s SMR-160 Small Modular Reactor

On February 14th 2018, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH), Global Nuclear Fuel (GNF), Holtec International and SMR LLC announced a collaboration to advance the SMR‐160 small modular reactor. The SMR-160 is a single loop, 160 MWe pressurized light water reactor designed by Holtec to be “walk away” safe and commercially competitive.

USDOE to Provide Access to National Laboratories to Support SMR-160’s Ongoing R&D

We are pleased to announce that SMR, LLC has been selected to receive support from the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) for continued development of the SMR-160.  On June 26, 2017, SMR, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International, was awarded a $500,000 GAIN Nuclear Energy voucher.  The voucher will be redeemed for access to expertise and capabilities at a national laboratory, accelerating the innovation of the Company’s small modular reactor.

SNC-Lavalin and Holtec Formalize Agreement to Accelerate the Development of SMR-160 Small Modular Reactor

Layout of SMR-160 Small Modular Reactor Facility

Holtec International and SNC-Lavalin have formalized an Agreement to partner in accelerating Holtec’s SMR-160 Small Modular Reactor program to develop and deploy SMR-160 power plants around the world. The partnership aims to vigorously accelerate the reactor system’s ongoing development and international licensing efforts by linking SNC-Lavalin’s world-class Nuclear team with Holtec’s SMR team. SNC-Lavalin’s Nuclear team, based in Mississauga, Ontario, is a nuclear engineering powerhouse, specializing in the design and supply of nuclear reactors as well as nuclear reactor products and services. SNC-Lavalin’s Nuclear team was greatly enhanced by the 2011 purchase of the commercial reactor division of Atomic Energy of Canada Limited along with the development and marketing rights to CANDU® reactor technology.

Mitsubishi Electric Co. (MELCO) and Holtec Resolve to Broaden Cooperation with SMR-160 as the Centerpiece

From left: Koichi Ota (MELCO, Japan), Katsuya Furuta (MELCO, Japan), Dr. Kris Singh (Holtec, USA),
Robert Misback (MEPPI, USA), Thomas Marcille (Holtec, USA)

Officials of the Mitsubishi Electric Co. (Japan), their US subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc. (MEPPI) and Holtec (pictured above) held strategic alliance discussions at the Holtec Technology Campus in Camden, New Jersey to reinforce their resolve to forge ahead with renewed vigor to complete the licensing of SMR-160 and to broaden their cooperation.

Holtec and Mitsubishi Electric Forge a Long-Term Partnership to Advance the SMR-160 Design Development Program

Holtec’s Small Modular Reactor, SMR-160
Holtec’s Small Modular Reactor, SMR-160

We are pleased to announce that Holtec has partnered with the US subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation – Mitsubishi Electric Power Products Inc. (MEPPI) – to develop the instrumentation and control solution for the SMR-160. MEPPI will perform the design engineering work effort for the SMR-160 digital instrumentation and control system (DCS) and Human System Interface (HSI), needed for SMR-160 operation. MEPPI will also lead the development of the relevant licensing documents to enable construction and certification in host countries (for example, as required by 10CFR50 or 10CFR52 in the US).

Commitment to Success

Groundbreaking Ceremony Marks the Beginning of the Rise of the Holtec Technology Campus on the Delaware Waterfront, in Camden, NJ

Groundbreaking Participants from left to right: Mr. Kevin Castagnola (Executive Director & CEO of SJ Port Corp.); Richard Alaimo (Chairman of SJ Port Corp.); Mr. Pierre Oneid (Senior V.P. and Chief Nuclear Officer of Holtec); Mr. William Levis (President & Chief Operating Officer of PSEG); NJ State Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez; U.S. Congressman Donald Norcross; NJ Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno; Dr. Kris Singh (President & Chief Executive Officer of Holtec); Camden Mayor Dana Redd; Mr. Frank Moran (City of Camden Council President); Mr. Louis Cappelli (Camden County Freeholder Director); Mr. Joseph Jingoli (CEO of Joseph Jingoli & Son); Mr. PK Chaudhary (Holtec Senior V.P. of Operations); Mr. Allen Hickman (Holtec V.P. of Manufacturing and Supply)

In the pleasant, sunny afternoon of July 1, 2015, local and state officials led by Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno, joined by over 200 community leaders and stakeholders, witnessed the first of four thousand large concrete-filled steel piles to firmly pierce the ground, which will form the support foundation for the massive structures of the new Holtec Technology Campus. The Campus will house Holtec’s corporate engineering center, two large manufacturing plants, a reactor test loop and a number of ancillary facilities.  Calling the future Holtec Technology Campus a “cathedral of industry”, Dr. Singh proclaimed that, “… our Campus will be the place where our innovations will be developed, nurtured, nourished and manufactured.” Firmly predicting that the city of Camden will be the birthplace for Holtec’s transformative “walk away safe” small modular reactor, SMR-160.

Holtec’s R&D Team Declares SMR-160 to be
 “Walk Away” Safe

image-e1400269497650We are pleased to announce that Holtec’s engineers have succeeded in designing SMR-160 into a “walk-away” safe nuclear power plant, which means that if a calamity were to strike – similar to the tsunami that devastated Fukushima  ̶ the plant will passively (without human intervention) switch to and remain in a safe shutdown and cooled configuration for an unlimited period. Faced with an extenuating event, the reactor will automatically shut down and all of the plant’s fuel – both in the reactor and the spent fuel pool  ̶ will remain in a safely cooled state without the need for electric power. Unlike its peers, which all have limited duration coping periods, requiring water make-up after a specific number of hours or days, the SMR-160 plant is designed to remain passively cooled indefinitely, without requiring any operator activity. 

Holtec’s Small Modular Reactor Program Will Proceed without DOE’s Funding

On December 12, 2013, the Department of Energy announced it would award funding for developing a small modular reactor design to the Oregon start-up NuScale. While we are disappointed with DOE’s decision to exclude Holtec from the award, we remain confident that our reactor, the SMR-160, has the greatest potential to triumph in a global marketplace because it is designed to meet the highest expectations of safety and is uniquely engineered to compete economically with other sources of alternative energy in the evolving era of cheap fossil fuels. Accordingly, we remain firm in our decision to forge ahead on our own and bring SMR-160 to the world as a carbon-free alternative that, once and for all, would rid nuclear power of the stigma of Fukushima, Chernobyl and TMI.