Mr. Rick Trotta

Program Manager of SMR, LLC

Mr. Rick Trotta is the Program Manager for SMR, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holtec International, and is responsible for development of the SMR-160 small modular reactor technology. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University.  Mr. Trotta’s career at Holtec International began in the role of Quality Engineer in 2009. Since that time, he has held positions of increasing responsibilities within Holtec International’s Site Services and Project Management groups of the Nuclear Power Division. Mr. Trotta last served as Holtec International’s Program Manager for Wet Storage Projects prior to taking the role of Program Manager for SMR, LLC in early 2016. He continues to promote Company self-improvement initiatives through membership in working committees and as an internal auditor. Mr. Trotta reports to the Company Vice President of SMR, LLC.